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Tattoo Ticket

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Are you interested in getting my existing artwork as a permanent tattoo? You can support me and my work by purchasing this tattoo ticket which grants written permission for a tattoo artist to use my existing work as a reference.

This is for existing designs only. If you are interested in custom designs you can fill out a project proposal form here. (Please note that my time for commissions is very limited, so I may not be able to accommodate all requests. I also highly recommend working directly with a tattoo artist who will know much more about designing artwork specifically for the body as a 3-dimensional canvas)

This listing gives permission for a tattoo of a single illustration. If you’re looking to have multiple artworks tattooed, please purchase a ticket for each one. After purchasing, you will recieve an email with an official note for permission.

Please note which illustrations you would like to use with your notes at checkout. If needed, I can email a higher-quality image of the illustration to the tattoo artist you are working with- please reach out if this would be helpful.

This ticket does not allow for commercial use and is nonrefundable.

We would love to see the finished tattoo! It would also be greatly appreciated if you and/or the tattoo artist can give credit to Coyote Brush Studios if the piece is posted on social media.

By purchasing this ticket you agree that the copyright and ownership of the artwork belong to me and that you will agree to the above terms.