Welcome! We are out of the studios 6/18-6/24- all orders placed during this time will ship starting 6/25.

Frequently Asked Questions

About Our Work

Do you take commissions?

 **We are not currently looking to take on new commissions or projects at this time.** We occasionally take commissions if it works with our schedule and sounds like a perfect match. We can't accommodate every request, but if you have an idea for a project you'd like us to work on with you, please fill out our Project Proposal Form in as much detail as you can, and we'll use those details as a starting point to talk more about what you have in mind. :) 

Do you take suggestions?
Yes! I LOVE hearing people's suggestions, but I am also limited as to which species I have reference photos for, as well as the time to paint them. If I get enough suggestions for a species that I haven't observed in person, I do my best to go out and find and photograph the species for future painting reference, and hopefully they will appear in a future Coyote Brush Studios product!

Will you paint species native to other states?
I think local species of every environment should be celebrated, but I also think that they should be illustrated by those who know them best. My work is a result of growing up in the woods of the East Bay and living in California my entire life. I work from my own photographs or from life which means I am limited to the species around me.

What kind of camera and lens do you use?
In order to be able to get the best shots for all of my reference photographs, I have taken years of photography classes and have built up equipment that works for me. Most of the photos featured on our Instagram are taken with a Canon 5D Mark III with a 100mm lens. Wildlife photos are generally taken with a Canon 70D with a 70-300mm zoom lens. Underwater photos are taken with an Olympus Tough TG-6. 


About Felt Flowers

I missed the last batch! Can I be added to your waitlist? 
If you would like to be notified in advance of the next release, please send an email to hello(at)coyotebrushstudios.com with the subject line Felt Flora Reminder and we’ll make sure to email you at least 24 hours before the next felt flora drop! Please note that this does not guarantee that you will get flowers, nor is this a preorder or reservation of any specific flowers. 

Any tips for securing felt flowers? 
Every batch of felt flowers has sold out within 4 minutes or less (sometimes as little as 30 seconds). We recommend being online with tabs open of the flowers you will want to buy at least a few minutes before the release time, and to start refreshing the pages once it is time. Have everything you will need to checkout ready to go. Please note: Putting the flowers into your cart does not reserve them— the first payment/credit card that finishes processing will get the flowers, and in many cases we’ve seen people in the middle of checkout when the flowers sell out. 

Can I request a flower to be included in future batches? 
We’d love to hear what suggestions of native California flowers you think we should make in future batches. Send us at email at hello(at)coyotebrushstudios.com

Can you make a custom bouquet?
With the high demand for flowers at this time, I am only making custom bouquets for time sensitive projects (i.e. wedding bouquets with a specific date). This is dependent on scheduling, please email with details on which flowers and quantities you are looking for.  

Can you make a commissioned flower? 
Depending on my schedule and the specific flower, yes. Custom flowers are priced with the time it will take to learn how to make the specific flower in mind (generally ranges from $40-60 per fiber sculpture) 

Will you teach a class on making felt flowers?
I don’t have any plans to do a workshop or class right now. I am still learning a lot about how to make the flowers on my own with each batch and would like to have at least a years worth of experience and experimentation before teaching others. These fiber sculptures are surprisingly time and material intensive to make.


About Posters and Prints

Is your poster a common frame size? What frames go well with your prints?
While 13 x 19 is not the most common frame size, most frame stores carry several ready made 13 x 19 frame options. Other great options for displaying our posters including magnetic wooden frame hangers or clamp hangers. Our favorite natural/reclaimed wood frames to use with my original paintings and prints are made by Alibi Interiors.


About Greeting Cards

What size are your cards, and are they mailable?
Our greeting cards are 3.5x5", a bit smaller than your standard greeting card, and 100% mailable using a standard stamp!


About Temporary Tattoos

How long do the temporary tattoos last?
Our temporary tattoos last between 1-4 days, depending on the placement of the tattoos and how much contact with warm water and rubbing against clothing they have during this time. They can be removed with baby oil, or with warm water, soap, and a towel.

Can you apply the temporary tattoos to something other than your skin?
Yes! We’ve applied our tattoos to wood, plastic, candles even thick paper and leather! This is a less temporary application and a great way to make your tattoo last longer. Just follow the same instructions as you would apply it to your skin. Some great surface ideas for holidays are wooden or plastic eggs for Easter, plastic or glass ornaments for Christmas, and pumpkins for Halloween!

My tattoo isn’t coming off of the paper. Why?
Temporary tattoos are water activated. Applying the wet cloth to the back of the tattoo placed onto your skin physically moves/transfers the tattoo from it’s backing sheet onto your skin. Because of this, the tattoos are very sensitive to water. This includes handling them with wet or damp hands before applying them, accidentally setting them down on a wet or damp counter top, etc. If the tattoo encounters any liquid before it is ready to be applied, it will be become stuck to the top protective layer of plastic and can’t be reapplied to anything else. 

My tattoo is sliding off my skin when I try to apply it. Why?
This can happen if the area of skin you are applying it to has not been washed thoroughly beforehand. The tattoos will not apply to skin with lotion, sunscreen or makeup, or on top of other temporary tattoos.

Have more questions about applying our tattoos? Please feel free to email us with them!


About Stickers

Do your stickers have a clear background or a solid white background?
Our stickers are printed on solid white vinyl and have a solid white background.
Will your stickers/magnets work on my car?
Our stickers are durable, UV and waterproof, but not indestructible.
While our stickers have UV protection layer, we have found that stickers left in the sun for extended periods of time, they fade over time. We do not recommend placing them on your car. Great indoor homes for your stickers include your water bottles, your cellphone, electronics, hard drives, computer, sewing machine, journals and more.

A note on sticker application: the surface you're applying them to should be completely clean and dry before application. Any amount of moisture, including dampness or condensation, won't allow for a good initial stick. After that, they will last through lots of rain/washing with no problem! They are a huge hit on water bottles and continue to look bright and colorful over a year later. :)  


About Snack Bags

How do I clean my snack bag?
Our reusable snack bags easily turn inside out to hand wipe/wash clean. For a more thorough clean you can put them in the washing machine on cold/gentle and air dry.

Which closure type should I get?
Each closure type is equally secure when it comes to holding snacks but everyone has their own preference. The velcro (hook and loop) closure snack bags have a .5" in wider opening and are better suited for putting sandwiches in. Some folks have a sensitivity to the sound of hook and loop fastener, or don’t want extra materials used, in which case our fold over closure is a great option. The hook and loop fastened bag is also very strong, so smaller hands or those with less dexterity may prefer fold over bags.

Which kinds of foods go best in snack bags?
Everything from fresh cut veggies and fruit, to cheeses, to trail mix, sandwiches and more! Our bags are water resistant and breathable, and are not intended for long-term storage of dry goods, but will happily keep them tidy for you on a day's adventure!