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Our Values


Our commitment to sustainability has been one of our top priorities since starting Coyote Brush Studios. We use only 100% Post Consumer Waste paper for everything from our product packaging, our printed products, invoices, and all internal printing. We do a lot of our own printing, and we are always trying our hardest to reduce our waste by maximizing what is printed.

We use biodegradable corn-based plastic for all of the bags in our products. Our zipper pouches are made with an EcoCanvas that is 45% recycled materials. When our items are sent to you, we use EcoEnclose shipping materials and biodegradable tape to make sure everything is safe when it arrives. We prioritize reuse wherever possible, including separating and saving the packaging from materials we buy to reuse them.

Because we are committed to restoring and preserving the environment, we donate a portion of the proceeds from our products to organizations of all sizes that are working to protect California’s wildlife and wild lands. Last year we were able to donate over $1,000 and we are excited to give more and more each year as we grow!

To top it all off, we drive a hybrid to make our deliveries, ship packages, and run errands. Our studios are also solar powered. We also have a native plant garden outside of our studios! :) 


It’s difficult to want to protect a species or an environment if you have no connection to that place and its inhabitants. Getting California’s wildlife represented in more artwork is a first step, but we want to go further and provide a connection to that species. Every product comes with fun facts about each of the species featured to further the knowledge and appreciation of that species. We further educate through our Instagram posts and monthly newsletter. Also on our website, we have a list of resources of some of our favorite places to learn about California’s wildlife and wildflowers.