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*Seconds Sale*- Flying Acorn Woodpecker Wall Decal
*Seconds Sale*- Flying Acorn Woodpecker Wall Decal

*Seconds Sale*- Flying Acorn Woodpecker Wall Decal

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Not quite perfect! This wall decal is unique and may have:

  • small scratches or scuffs in the printed surface of the decal


Have you envisioned adding a painted mural to your home? Maybe a bird friend to keep you company? These life-sized wall decals are the perfect way to instantly do that!


These woodpeckers, in a variety of different positions, are great placed over windows, furniture, or doorways. Acorn woodpeckers are fun additions to your wall individually, or all together as a colony. We know from experience- people will ask if they are real and if it is painted directly on your wall! 

The size of each Acorn Woodpecker decals are:
Acorn woodpecker in hole- 3" x 1.75"
Acorn woodpecker flying- 7.5" x 6.5"
Acorn woodpecker sitting- 2.5" x 4.5"
Acorn woodpecker side view- 3" x 6.75"

Each wall decal is printed on a peel and stick, woven wallpaper material, and is hand-cut to the shape of the species and shadow to give a life-like illusion (shadow illusion works best on a white wall). Fun facts about the species will be included so you can get to know your new friend better, and share some knowledge with others. 

To install, simply peel it off the backing and place on a clean wall. (Not recommended for textured walls or walls painted with “scrubbable” paint. The shadow effect will look best on white/cream/light-colored walls)

Don’t like where you placed it? Decals are easily repositionable and will not leave a residue on your wall, even a year or two later. 

Please note that decals may take 2 weeks to ship, as they are made-to-order. :)
Decal backing paper may be wrinkled or have small folds, but the decal will remove and apply to the wall smoothly.