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California Alphabet Letter Prints
California Alphabet Letter Prints
California Alphabet Letter Prints
California Alphabet Letter Prints
California Alphabet Letter Prints

California Alphabet Letter Prints

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A is for Acorn woodpecker, B is for Bay, C is for California Condor... Learn about California's unique biodiversity and natural history through these California alphabet prints. Each letter of the alphabet features my own watercolor illustrations of species that have an important place in California's diverse ecosystems.

Don't know about a species featured on a letter? (That's okay! I didn't either before I started researching for this project.) Each print is accompanied by fun facts and an introduction to each of the highlighted species. The more we know about the local species that we share our home with, the better we are able to celebrate and protect them. These prints are perfect for any naturalist (young or old), teachers or for anyone who loves California or nature illustrations. Each print is 5 x 7 inches and the letters on the prints are approximately 3.5 x 3.5 inches.

***Don't forget to let us know which letters you'd like in the box above before ordering! :) Need more than 10 letters? Please email us at hello[at]coyotebrushstudios.com for pricing.---***

The Letters: (Please note that there are alternates for A, B, C, D, E, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, R, S, and T. Specify which you would like.)
• A: Acorn Woodpecker, Acorn
• A: Alternate: American Avocet
• B: Bay Laurel, Bay
• B: Alternate: Bat Ray
• C: California Condor, Chanterelle
• C: Coyote, coyote mint
• D: Dutchman's Pipevine, Dogface Butterfly
• D: Desert tortoise, desert mallow
• E: Elk, elderberry
• E: Elephant seal
• F: Fern (goldback), Fiddleneck, Fairy Lantern
• G: Garibaldi, gold
• H: Humpback whale
• H: Hooded oriole
• I: Iris (Douglas)
• I: Alternate: Islands (channel), Island Fox
• J: Jay (Steller's and Scrub)
• J: Joshua tree
• K: Kingsnake, Kinglet (ruby crowned)
• K: Alternate: Kangaroo rat
• L: Lazuli bunting, Larkspur (royal)
• L: Alternate: Leopard Shark
• M: Mountain lion, Mountain (Mt. Diablo)
• M: Alternate: Manzanita, Miner's lettuce, Mariposite
• N: Newt (California)
• N: Alternate: Nuthatch (pygmy)
• O: Osprey, Oak
• O: Alternate: Owl (Western Screech)
• P: Pronghorn, Poppy
• Q: Quail (California)
• R: Redwood, Red tailed hawk
• R: Red-shouldered hawk
• S: Smilodon californicus (Saber tooth), Sticky monkey flower
• S: Snowy plover, sand verbena
• T: Tricolored blackbird, tule
• T: Alternate: Toyon, Towhee (California)
• U: Ursus arctos californicus (California Grizzly)
• V: Vulture
• V: Vernal pool, violet (redwood)
• W: Whiptail (California)
• X: Xerces blue butterfly
• Y: Yellow billed magpie, yerba buena, Yosemite
• Z: Zalophus californianus (California Sea Lion)

• &: California state silhouette
• <3: California state silhouette

***Become a State Steward*** With your purchase of California Alphabet letters, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to local charities who are working to help protect California's natural habitats. Help preserve the state for future generations to enjoy!

We want to make sure that California and the rest of the world stays a place of wonder for future generations! Your prints will be mailed in a recycled rigid mailer.