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Felt Flora

  Our next felt flora drop will be Dec 10th at 7 pm PST    

Please note that each previous batch has sold out in under 5 minutes, usually as quickly as 30 seconds to a minute. Putting the flowers into your cart does not reserve them— the first payment/credit card that finishes processing will get the flowers, and in many cases, we’ve seen people in the middle of the checkout process when the flowers sell out. 

Out of stock? If you would like to be notified in advance/get reminders about the next release, please send an email to us at hello(at)coyotebrushstudios.com with the subject  Felt Flora Email Reminder, or follow us on instagram at coyotebrushstudios Please mention if there are any specific flowers you are interested in in your email so that we have an idea of what folks would like to see in the next batch. :)

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