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Poison Oak: Two Temporary Tattoos
Poison Oak: Two Temporary Tattoos
Poison Oak: Two Temporary Tattoos
Poison Oak: Two Temporary Tattoos
Poison Oak: Two Temporary Tattoos

Poison Oak: Two Temporary Tattoos

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**Extended April 1st special**

This set comes with two poison oak temporary tattoos, perfect for any naturalist (young or old), or lover of nature illustration and tattoos.

The poison oak temporary tattoos are approximately 2 x 2.5" and are made from my original watercolor illustrations inspired by this native California plant.

These temporary tattoos last between 1-4 days depending on placement, and are perfect to wear on your next outing as a visual reminder for what to look out for and not touch! Leaves of three, let it be. Great for kids (or adults) just getting used to the outdoors and native plants.

Packaging is made from recycled materials and includes fun facts about this native California species, as well as instructions for tattoo application.


How to apply/remove tattoo:
Wash tattoo area. Remove clear plastic (make sure to take it off in one piece) and place the tattoo face down on area where you want it. Cover with wet wash cloth for 15-30 seconds and then slowly remove the backing. To remove tattoo, use baby oil, rubbing alcohol, or a warm wash cloth and soap. Please note that if the tattoos become wet before removing the clear plastic and applying, they will no longer work.

*Tips for wearing the tattoos*
-Practice makes perfect! Plan out your tattoo placement before removing the clear layer of plastic to make sure things look just right.
-Put them on after a shower! The less you get your tattoo wet, the longer it will last.
-Place your tattoo on a smooth area of skin that doesn’t encounter a lot of movement or rubbing.

A note about our temporary tattoo products:
Unlike real posion oak, these temporary tattoos should not give you a rash. However, as with all items that you apply to your skin, there is always a small chance of a reaction occurring. You know your body best, and if you have especially sensitive skin, please order our tattoo products at your own risk. We are not responsible for any damages that may occur due to the misuse of our products. Please read instructions before applying.