COVID-19: Shipping delays and face mask availability update- click to read more.

COVID-19 and Coyote Brush Studios- Delays, information and resources

We hope all are taking care of their mental and physical health during this time, respecting social distancing and use of masks, taking time to rest, checking in with your family, friends and community members, and supporting those you can.

As a result of COVID-19, our production is slowed with fewer of us in the studios, and delays in shipping may occur as we limit our outings. Our stock will be limited on some items due to the availability of materials from our suppliers during this time, especially our reusable snack bags.

All orders, depending on their contents, will take 1-4 weeks to ship at this time. Please check face mask listings at the time of your order for specific shipping windows for masks. Non-mask items in your order will ship at the same time as your masks. Please contact us if you have a specific arrival date in mind for your order and we can let you know if it is a possibility.

7/23 Mask Update
We will be releasing small batches of facemaks for preorder on a roughly bi-weekly basis as we have capacity to make them. If you see that all masks or your favorite pattern are out of stock, check the listing details for the date of our next batch release.
USPS is doing their best to ship an unprecedented number of packages during this time! We are seeing many post offices not scanning packages as they move along their routes at this time. This means you may not see the tracking updates you are used to for your order's journey past the initial shipping notification. Thank you for your patience with both us and your mail carriers as you wait for your package to arrive! :)

Below are a collection of resources we hope will make life a little easier and more interesting right now. 

Best DIY mask pattern for those who wear glasses

Tools for observing nature around you and through your window
Seek App

Ways to participate in citizen science from home: 
Zooniverse people powered research

Observing nature from your computer:
Ventana Wildlife Society Condor Cam (condor chicks hatching on April 26!)
Monterey Bay Aquarium webcam

Start a nature journal 

Calming Coloring Book Pages